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    About David Thuo


42 years old, Married, Father of three and together with his wife Ann Thuo has been working out since their first born came to the scene 19 years ago. Running was the only form of workout we could afford then. It has now  become a part of our life.
Voted most inspirational recreational runner 2018.
1. Ultra marathon-Silver medalist (under 9 hours )Comrades marathon 90 kms 2016 and 2017 in South Africa
2. Ultra marathon 56 kms two oceans marathon South Africa 2016
Full marathons
1. Sub 3 hours(under 3 hours) London marathon 2017,
2. Sub 3 hours  New York Marathon 2017,
3. Sub 3 hours Chicago marathon 2018(This is his personal best time of 2:48:29 and still believes the best is yet to come .
4. Managed to Finish Boston Marathon 2018 wrapped in plastic bags despite suffering a hypothermia attack due to adverse weather  and temporarily pulling out at 30 kms,
5. Multiple Standard Chartered marathons, Kilimanjaro marathons, Lewa Marathon, Ndakaini Marathons amongst others.
1. Is up at 4 am each week day,averages between 110 and 120 kms each week at peak of training 6 days a week come rain or shine as long as he is in good health.Can run a 40 kms training and still have energy for an 8 hour+ demanding day.
2. Spends lots of time in the gym doing strength training on short run days.
3. Passionate about seeing people challenge themselves to the next level and eventually achieving their dreams.
4. Hoping to keep running and staying fit for as long as God grant’s him the strength..
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