Stretching before a workout makes the muscles more elastic and  less prone to injury.This should be done after warming up.The stretching before workout is not as critical as the one after a workout.

An after workout stretching enhances flexibility and reduces muscle tension after a workout.

You should not stretch if:

  1. You have had a recent bone fracture
  2. You have a sprain or strain
  3. You are inflamed
  4. You have joint pain
  5. You feel pain in the muscles when you stretch

Benefits of Post Workout Stretches:

Increased Flexibility

Helps constricted and contracted muscles release back to their more comfortable state and makes the body become more flexible, which reduces chances of injury.

Improved Blood circulation

In a hard workout,the heart pushes blood to the body faster making it beat at a rapid rate. Stretching allows the body to cool down and also helps the heart beat to return to normalcy.

Eliminates Lactic Acid
Stretching eliminates the lactic acid that has accumulated inside the body and also relaxes the muscles.

Boost your energy

Stretching well makes the brain release endorphins the feel good homones which helps boost energy levels.

Pain Prevention

If muscles remain tight,they are uncomfortable.Stretching minimizes the aches and reduces risk to injury.

Improved Range of Motion

Muscles that have not been stretched tend to remain constricted which prevents you from using them to their full capacity.

Increased Muscular Coordination

Stretching helps to the different working muscles to get coordinated.

Mental clarity and mind-body connection

Stretching helps harmonize your mind, relax your mood, and relieve stress. Stretching also gives you a chance to tune into your body, taking notice of any sore muscles or joints that need extra attention or a break.