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Count down to boston marathon 2018:The worlds most prestigious and oldest marathon

The first Boston Marathon had only 15 participants.The  event now attracts an average of about 30,000 registered participants each year. Women were not allowed to enter the Boston Marathon officially until 1972. Roberta “Bobbi” Gibb is recognized by the race organizers as the first woman to run the entire Boston Marathon (in 1966). In 1967, Kathrine Switzer, who had registered as “K. V. Switzer”, was the first woman to run and finish with a race number. She finished despite an infamous incident in which race official Jock Semple tried to rip off her numbers and eject her from the race. In 1996 the B.A.A. retroactively recognized as champions the unofficial women’s leaders of 1966 through 1971. In 2015, about 46 percent of the entrants were female.

Boston marathon is one of the most difficult of the World marathon majors to get an entry into due to its requirement for runners to complete a standard marathon course certified by a national governing body affiliated with the International Association of Athletics Federations within a certain period of time before the date of the desired Boston Marathon (usually within approximately 18 months prior).Runners must be 18 years or older from any nation.The qualifying times are based on age as follows:

Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards

18–343 h 05 min3 h 35 min
35–393 h 10 min3 h 40 min
40–443 h 15 min3 h 45 min
45–493 h 25 min3 h 55 min
50–543 h 30 min4 h 00 min
55–593 h 40 min4 h 10 min
60–643 h 55 min4 h 25 min
65–694 h 10 min4 h 40 min
70–744 h 25 min4 h 55 min
75–794 h 40 min5 h 10 min
≥804 h 55 min5 h 25 min

During the 2018 registration period, the breakdown of accepted Qualifiers was as follows:

  • 4,691 Qualifiers met their qualifying time by 20 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • 7,673 Qualifiers met their qualifying time by 10 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • 7,505 Qualifiers met their qualifying time by 05 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • 2,905 Qualifiers met their qualifying time by 3 minutes, 23 seconds or faster.
  • 424 Qualifiers were accepted based on finishing 10 or more consecutive Boston Marathons.

256 Qualified Athletes with Disabilities are expected to be accepted beginning October 16th.

Around 30,000 Boston Marathon racers will take off from Hopkinton on Monday, April 16—but not all at once. Different athletes start at different times based on their qualification times to ease congestion.The first batch departs at 8:40 a.m., and the final wave starts running at 11:15 a.m.

The 2018 Boston Marathon start times are as follows

Of the 6 races that make up the world marathon majors,Boston has the highest elevation drop. A difference of 450 feet above sea level from start to finish.The course has a series of hills and descend but the most devastating hill is the 350-foot elevation drop runners encounter in the first 4 miles.Going out too fast here hammers the quads and by the time you start hitting the hills,the legs have no stamina.Then there is a  series of four hills between Miles 16-21.Together with the cumulative effect of sustained downhill running over the first 16 miles, this part of the course becomes so difficult.Then comes heartbreak hill at mile 21.This is a beast, rising 88 feet in about a half mile.After this there is a series of downhill with little rise for the rest of the stretch.

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