FitnessWithDavid(FWD) is a brain child of David Thuo. An Avid marathoner with a marathon personal best time of 2.38.59 out of the desire to share lessons learnt from successes and failures drawn from his running experiences to help others grow and achieve their maximum potential.  Everything about FitnessWithDavid is anchored on the mantra ‘Indomitable Will. Create your Destiny.” It is within us to be the best version of ourselves.

In addition, the running community was growing and after interacting with many runners he found that there was a common drive for runners to be better and to push their limits. Over time recreational running has grown and David has been among the advocates of this growth.

FitnessWithDavid is committed towards helping corporates and individuals invest in their wellness.

This eventually helps people realise their dreams and become the best version of themselves through;

FWD recognizes the need to support the communities around us and towards this is involved in philanthropy and sustainability initiatives. One of the most iconic initiatives was FWD role in co-ordinating recreational runners towards a charity drive dubbed the “Adopt a family” charity that raised over 0.5M and has benefited over 50 families whose livelihoods were affected by the COVID pandemic that loomed in 2020.

This culminated with a Kahara sub 3 marathon challenge, where David was attempting to run a marathon below 3 hours in Ngong, an exceedingly difficult terrain in attitude and course. He amazingly attained an all-time record of 2.56.01. This in the recreational running community was a great achievement.

FitnessWithDavid runs the New Year Ignite run every year and a number of events at the course of the year

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