Adult Safety ID


Key features:

1.Your vital contacts at a glance (details customized to user request)

2.Serialized offering an opportunity to input additional information to assist in tracking insuarance expiry dates,annual medical checks and any other details you may wish to have additional help tracking.

3.Life time guarantee on the Laser engraving

4.One year guarantee on band

5.Washable and non corrosive

6.For each band 100 Kshs/1 USD goes to charity

7.Easy online order with options to select from the available colour

8.Provision for either your favorite Mantra to keep you motivated or your insurance details


10.Comes in a variety of vibrant colours

11.Easy to wear with stainless steel push button clasp or easy to secure mechanism

12.Adjustable fitting


Bands ready within 3 days of order

  • Active, Comrade or Wellness

    *Name of arm band holder
    *Blood group if known or indicate U/K if not known
    *Next of Kin 1
    *Next of Kin 2
    *Tag line or insuarance
    Provision for longer tag line or any known allergies
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