Ever wanted to to take part in a marathon but the 42 kms seem untennable? Or are you a marathoner and want to challenge your friends to a very  fast marathon or simply have some 10.5 kms running fun.

    Heres how to

    Form a team of 4, share out the kilometres with your friends-(10.5kms each) or be assigned to a team

    You may even be lucky to be teamed with Elliud Kipchoge, Geofferey Kamwor and othe NN team members.

    DISTANCE:10.5 kms each

    When-June  6-7

    HOW:-Get 3 friends and their emails

    If not on strava let them create an account on Strava

    Register group here:  https://marathon.nnrunningteam.com/connect-strava


    Once this is done Prepare to run on either the 6th or 7th June

    Uploading or syncing from other fitness sites to Strava/apps supported by Strava
    1. Endomondo.
    2. Garmin Connect.
    3. MapMyRun.
    4. MapMyRide.
    5. Runkeeper.
    How to get your Activities to Strava


    My run as one team.. Team Ven ti +la tor 91

    #www davidthuo.com

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