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March 31, 2017
Virgin money london marathon count down – Training Tip
April 7, 2017
The final training phase of the virgin money London marathon 2017

The final training phase of the virgin money London marathon 2017-Insights of the race

20 days from today,on the 23rd of April, a number of recreational running friends and I will be taking part in the 36th edition of Virgin Money London Marathon.

(London Marathon is part of the Abbott world Marathons-

Ballot numbers

A record number of 253,930 registered for the 2017 ballot vying for the approximately 50,000 places available. This is very different from the first race in 1981 when 20000 applied and 6747 were accepted.

I invite you to join/train with me in this count down to the race.

How is registration done.

The most common way is to enter the London Marathon ballot, with results usually announced around October.If you don’t get allocated a place from the ballot, or decide after the results have been announced, you may be able to secure a charity entry place.Good For Age Entry

If you’ve already run a full marathon in a particularly fast time, you might qualify for an automatic ‘Good for Age’ entry into the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon

Registration for 2018 places will open sometime in May after the race.


The London Marathon is the Guinness World Record’s largest annual fundraising event in the world. The event itself holds a Guinness World Record for one-day charity fundraising, a record it has broken each year for the past nine years.

Since its launch 36 years ago, London Marathon runners have raised over £770 million for charity. The highest amount raised by a single runner was £2,330,159.38 by Steve Chalke in 2011.

2015 was the most successful year to date, with funds reaching a cool £54.1 million.

Count down to London Marathon 2017-17 days to go


Kenya’s Wilson Kipsang holds the London Marathon men’s course record set in 2014.


Paula Radcliffe holds the women’s (and the world) record set in 2005.


The fastest female wheelchair athlete was Tatyana McFadden (USA) in 2015.


The fastest male wheelchair athlete was Kurt Fearnley (Australia) in 2009.

Supplies-(2016 race facts)

There was over 100 official Guinness World Record attempts during the marathon,ranging from the fastest marathon dressed as a dinosaur, to the fastest marathon carrying a fridge and many others

There was 1,200 St John Ambulance volunteers at this year’s race, including 30 cycle response specialists.
There was 1.25m bottles of water and energy drinks, 738,000 items of food, clothing and rewards and nearly 40,000 finisher bags at the event, with 600 trestle tables for the feed stations located at every mile.

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