The Nairobi Relay 2021 Relay Rules
June 5, 2021

The Nairobi relay 2021-sticks in a bundle are unbreakable 1st may 2021-an event by Fitness with David

Covid protocols

Detailed Covid protocols have been provided and the organizers’ are taking the best actions to ensure adherence.

  • All runners except when running must correctly and consistently wear a mask that completely covers their nose and mouth
  • Social distance and limit physical contact: physical distancing to the maximum extent possible but not less than 2 Metres.
  • No crowding is allowed along the loop.
  • Sanitisers will be available at various points on the loop. Ensure you continuously sanitise during the event.
  • Wash your hands and limit contact with frequently touched surfaces or shared items
  • The runners will be required to pick their preferred hydration drink at the hydration points instead of being handed over.
  • Cleaning and disinfesting of objects and Equipment will be mandatory. We have two batons per team, a finishing runner will handover their baton for sanitizing once they get to their incoming runner. All batons will be disinfected before and after use.
  • Handshakes, hugs to celebrate achievements during and after events is prohibited.
  • Exchange and sharing of kits are prohibited.
  • There will be signage at strategic locations to remind all persons of the COVID-19 measures.
  • Body temperature checks shall be conducted to all persons at the time of entry/registration to the venue. Anyone with a body temperature reading above 37.5˚C will not be allowed into the sporting venue and any temperature reading below 34.5 will be repeated and/or replaced.
  • Trash cans will be placed at strategic areas, kindly dispose off any waste including masks in these trash cans.

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