The Nairobi relay 2021 Event by Fitness with David
June 4, 2021
The Nairobi Relay 2021 Covid protocols
June 6, 2021

The Nairobi relay 2021-sticks in a bundle are unbreakable 1st may 2021-an event by Fitness with David

Relay Rules

This event is limited to the registered and confirmed participants only.

For your safety and enjoyment, please read the following rules and regulations carefully:
1) Team Size

There will only be 6 runners per team as confirmed at the final team registration submitted to the organisers.

2) Relay Distance

Each runner in a team is to complete two loos @3.5Kms a total of 7kms before handing over the baton to the next. The 6th runner will run 7.20Kms to the full marathon finish line to complete the 42.20 Kms. The finish line will be 200m from the exchange line and clearly marked.

3) Race Timing

Every runner must wear their running bib for tracking purposes. Both the individual and team timings will be tracked. The results will be shared.

4) Team positioning of runners

The race order of runners within every team must remain as per the final team confirmations. No changes to the order or line up will be allowed on race day. Kindly note the race timings will be tracked per runner in the specific order you confirmed to the race organisers and per team. The relay time tracker is based on the runner position of their team line up.

5) Baton handling and Change over
  • The baton can only be passed within the exchange zone, which is 20 meters long from the 7kms mark.
  • Each incoming runner must tap the baton of the outgoing runner at the changeover of sections, within the marked changeover zone.
  • Exchanges made outside the zone—based on the position of the baton, not the runners’ feet—result in disqualification.
  • Passers must remain in their lanes after the pass to avoid blocking other runners.
  • The baton must be carried by hand. If it is dropped, the runner can leave the lane to retrieve the baton as long as the recovery doesn’t lessen his or her total running distance.
  • Individuals must not stray onto the road at change over points.
  • Every team has two batons. At every exchange the previous runner must drop off the baton for sanitisation at the Sanitisation station.
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6) Spectators

Spectators on the course should keep away from Residential spots. No cheering is allowed.

7) Parking

All runners are requested to park at the Waterfront Mall in Karen and jog or walk to the start line. No parking will be allowed on the side of the road along the loop unless event vehicles.

8) Safety along the route

All runners and spectators must obey any instructions from traffic Marshalls regarding observation of safety rules.

9) Littering throughout the course is prohibited.


  • Please note that violation of any of these rules could result in your removal from the Relay.
  • You also agree to abide by any rules deemed necessary by the FwD Relay Planning Committee, as communicated in the various forums.
  • All Team captains ensure that they review the rules with their team members in the weeks prior to Relay and that all runners are aware of the rules throughout the Relay.
"The relay baton is a smooth, hollow, one-piece tube made of wood, metal or another rigid material. It measures between 28 and 30 centimeters long and between 12 and 13 centimeters in circumference. The baton must weigh at least 50 grams."

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