“Adopt A Family” Charity. First three weeks impact
May 18, 2020

“Adopt a family” Co-ordinated by FitnessWithDavid

“Adopt a family” Support for needy cases occasioned by Covid 19 pandemic
No act of kindness is ever too small to make a difference. Make your Mark

COVID 19 has had an impact on everyones life.Undeniably it has put some of our brothers and sisters to a point where they can’t cater for their basic needs mostly food, and shelter.Many are being locked out of their houses.Many cannot feed their families because their work places closed down or they can no longer work because of social distancing. This in addition to the requirements for masks and other requirements to stay safe from the virus.

We are our brothers keeper and its times as these that we need to stand by each other.Not because we have too much ourselves,but out of the abundance of the heart and gratitude for what we already have.

Adopt a family is an initiative to be our brothers and sisters keeper. Lets together as recreational runners, our families, friends and well wishers from all walks of life come together and do the little that we can.

For many runners we have done races that have supported charities in places away from home.Its time to bring out the running for charity closer home.


A select committee representing various groups co- ordinated by FitnessWithDavid will spearhead this.The committee whose mandate is to select and prioritise the cases of families that are in need shall comprise of

  1. David Thuo
  2. Joyce Nduku
  3. Douglas Njiraini
  4. Lucy Wamaitha
  5. Loice Mbogo

We are requesting for people to identify the needy families around them specifically those whose situation is as a result of the hardships caused by Corvid 19. The cases are to be forwarded to  FitnessWithDavid email  info@davidthuo.com with the following details for consideration by the committee

  1. The family contact person and contacts.
  2. Where they live
  3. A brief of how the Covid 19 pandemic has affected their ability to provide for basic needs especially shelter and food
  4. The details of the need -rent /shelter and amounts,food etc
  5. The committee shall then discuss and prioritise the support based on the urgency and availability of funds and support.
  6. Contact details of reccommender

1. Rent-Cases identified for rent will be paid directly to the landlords
2. Purchase items-These shall be shopped online from convenient outlets and delivered by the outlets or collected by the families from the outlets.

  1. You can make a contribution through telephone number 0742230609 – Douglas committe chair.
  2. Any amount will do. Lumped together, an amount as small as your monthly shaving bill or your one salon visit (which you may or may not be incurring now),or one meal in your favourite dining place or any amount that you can sacrifice can make a difference between sleeping in the rain and hungry or having a roof for a month and something to eat for a family.
  3. You may also choose to adopt a family and you may reach out to David on tel number 0723581469  to get details of the cases identified by the committee. You can then be connected to the family and follow up with them.
  4. Some may have spaces available to house some families.
  5. Any other ways you may be in a position to assist with.
  6. Initiative shall run till 31st May.

Like the poor woman in the bible who gave the last 2 pieces of silver she had,together with our bits here and there we can make some difference.

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Co-ordinated by FitnessWithDavid.

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