“Adopt a family” Co-ordinated by FitnessWithDavid
April 22, 2020
Adopt A Family Update. 09 June 2020
June 9, 2020

"Adopt A Family" Charity. First three weeks impact

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give..” Winston Churchill.

We continue to thank you all for your generosity.Its been trully humbling as the “Adopt a family” charity team and well wishers visited 6 families that were identified for support. Some of the real experiences among these 6 families that continue to touch and humble us are:

  1. For as little rent of 1000shs, someone is kicked out of their house together with little children because its too much for them to raise.
  2. Rent arrears piling up, living in worry not sure of how long their landlord will cope up with their lack of money, coupled with little hope of getting any casual job during these pandemic time.
  3. Hunger, lack of food surviving on a basic meal shared among a large household.
  4. Heightened Struggles with terminally ill and disabled family members that continue to need extra care and needs.

A total of Shs 58,178.00 has been raised from a number of wellwishers in the first 2 weeks of the “Adopt a Family” campaign. These funds have been used to pay rent for some and bless them with an “Adopt a Family” food pack. The pack contains food stuffs to serve the families with a decent family meal for several days.

The Adopt a Family food pack contains
Unga 5 packets
Rice 5 kgs
Beans 7 packets
Dengu 6 packets
Cooking oil 2 kgs

The cases are endless, as we step into the next 2 weeks of the “Adopt a Family” charity lets sacrifice a little of our luxuries to put a meal on the table for families. You also have a chance to make a difference.

Summary of Visits
Visit 1 Kiserian
Friday 15th May 2020
Mr Ruba and family-Food pack and rent

They used to sell boiled eggs in the evenings before Covid 19 struck. Curfew put an end to the business. His family has been sleeping hungry every other day. His Wife does menial jobs which are also hard to come by. He has 5 Kids-a 21 yr old disabled boy, 14 yrs old class 6 girl who wants to be model when she grows up, a 12 year old class 5 girl who wants to be a doctor and a 7 years class 1 boy who likes football and wants to be a driver. The live in a one room house which acts as the sitting area,kitchen and bedroom. The 7 of them sleep in here. The team handed over the Adopt a Family food pack and has reached out to the Landlord to pay the 3 months rent arrears.

Update. @ 3 weeks

The team has paid 3 months  rent arrears for Ruba for the months of March,April and May and advance rent for June and July at 1,000 Kshs per month

Visit 2 Limuru
Friday 15th May 2020
Elizabeth and family-Food pack and rent

Elizabeth is a  40 years old single mum of 3. First born is 20 years old a girl in first year college, 2nd born a boy 14 years old in class 8 who is a top student and the last born is 6 years old in pp2. They live in a single room and  pay 4,500 shs.Her ex husband walked out on them in 2014 when she was pregnant with the last born and they have been staying strong for each other. She had been working in a hotel in Ngara but it wad closed due to Covid 19 and she has no other source of income. She has been looking for jobs to clean clothes but they have very hard to come by.

They have been  taking one meal in a day which sometimes has just been porridge.

She had a 2 months rent arrears.The team called the landlord and negotiated to pay 3000 per month from the 4500. He accepted and we paid for the 3 months.

The team visited the family on Friday 15th and delivered the Adopt a family food pack.The team interaction with the family was so fulfilling.Despite the problems the family is so close knit and full of warmth.

Update. @ 3 weeks

The team managed to again negotiate rent amount  for Elizabeth from 4,500 to 3,000 and have paid an advance for June and July 2020.The team had earlier paid arrears for April and May as she was about to be evicted

Visit 3 Kitengela
Saturday 16th May 2020
Schola and Family-Food pack and rent

Schola lives in a mabati single room sleeping on the floor with her 2 kids aged 4yrs and 6 yrs who school in Machakos but come to stay with her during the holidays. (She does casual jobs like shamba work and cleaning clothes). Due to the heavy  rains and floods,jobs are minimal. The clothes cleaning jobs have also declined due to Covid 19

Their  house  was also recenty flooded  during the heavy rains.She pays house rent of 1200 and is a month in arrears. The team visited the family on saturday 16th and delivered the Adopt a family food pack.

Update. @ 3 weeks

The team  paid a 1 month rent arrears and 2 months advance rent for June and July 2020 at 1200 Kshs per month.

Visit 4.Kitengela
Saturday 16th May 2020
Janet and family

Lives with her daughter who is in class 6 she  also does menial jobs which are not currently available. They have been struggling on and off to put food on the table. The team visited the family on saturday 16th and delivered the Adopt a family food pack.

Visit 5. Kitengela
Saturday 16th May 2020
Carol Mbula and family

Carol is a 4th year, Bachelor of Education 1st semester Govt  sponsored student at  East  African University and Living in the informal  settlement near the university.She is a young student mother of 2 children aged 9 months and  3 and  half yrs.

She is a first born in a family of 6 children. Her Mother is a househelp  while the father is bedridden due to a stroke. She Lost one academic  year 2019 due to  poverty and  stopped classes to do casual jobs for self sustainance but ended up conceiving a baby from a casual  labourer who then abandoned her. The same happened again and she got a second baby.

She does menial  jobs at the university  for her upkeep and these have been hard to come by due to the closure occasioned by  Covid 19. She Leaves her 2 children with caregiver whom she pays  80/= daily as she goes out looking for jobs. Her rent is  ksh. 1,500.

Update. @ 3 weeks

The team visited the family on Sunday 17th and delivered the Adopt a family food pack.The team paid 1 month rent arrears for Carol Mbula  of Kitengela and 2 months advance rent for June and July.

Visit 6.Embu
Sarah and Family

Sarah is a mother of 3 children and is also caring for a bedridden sister. The bedridden sister suffered a coma, (suspected meningitis) she was treated, discharged but not fully recovered. She also takes care of her bed ridden sisters 2 kids making it  a family of 7. Sarah’s only source of income is a few hours of casual work because she has to spend hours taking care of the ailing sister and this have become risky due to Covid 19. They live in a house that belonged to their late grandmother. They lost their parents.

The team sent a well wisher living near them who visited the family on Sunday 17th and delivered the Adopt a family food pack.

Update. @ 3 weeks

On Tuesday 26th May 2020,the team through the well wisher purchased a matress,lamp and some paraffin for the family

Request for additional assistance

The needs are many. Any assistance will make a huge impact.A 100 bob here and there will eventually add up to a months rent for someone or enough food for a week, a month etc.

Make your mark and tag a friend.see below additional info
“Adopt a family” Co-ordinated by FitnessWithDavid

In support of this initiative,there is a tough marathon distance  run in a hilly course in Ngong Kahara with a target of under 3 hours.There are other runners as well challenging themselves on this course. You can also choose to sponsor any number of  kilometers with as little as 50 shs per km.All proceeds go towards the Adopt a Family initiative

We are reviewing additional needs from other families and shall be giving additional assistance

As we approach the end of the collection period which culminates with sub 3 marathon attempt on Madaraka day 1st June 2020, we hope to raise enough to assist 20 families. Make your mark and tag a friend.

Be blessed as you give.
Adopt a Family team and FitnessWithDavid.

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